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Sports massage for back pain

Sports massage treatment to help relieve and manage back pain.

Are you suffering from back pain? Maybe you've tried various treatment options including trips to the doctors and various prescriptions. You're now at a point where you're ready to start looking at alternative treatments to help your back pain, including manual therapy treatment.

Sports massage can be a helpful treatment in relieving and managing back pain.


Back pain is a common problem among athletes and non-athletes alike, and sports massage can be an effective treatment option to help manage further pain and discomfort.

Sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage that involves the use of various techniques to manipulate the soft tissues of the body, including the muscles, tendons and ligaments. These techniques can help to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and increase flexibility, all of which can help to alleviate back pain.

In particular, sports massage can help to address specific areas of tension or tightness in the back muscles, which can be contributing to pain and discomfort. By targeting these areas, a sports therapist can help to release tension, reduce inflammation and promote healing.

It's important to note that sports massage may not be appropriate for all types of back pain, and it's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment. However, for many people, sports massage can be an effective way to manage and alleviate back pain.

sports massage for back pain

Sports massage treatment for back pain

Sports massage can help you with:

  1. Improved circulation: Sports massage can help to increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, which can help to reduce soreness and speed up recovery.

  2. Reduced muscle tension: Sports massage can help to reduce muscle tension and tightness, which can improve flexibility and range of motion.

  3. Pain relief: Sports massage can help to alleviate pain in the muscles and joints, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals who are recovering from an injury.

  4. Improved recovery time: Sports massage can help to speed up the recovery process by reducing muscle soreness and promoting the healing of damaged tissues.

  5. Increased relaxation: Sports massage can be a relaxing and therapeutic experience that can help to reduce stress and promote overall wellbeing.

  6. Improved performance: Regular sports massage can help athletes to perform at their best by improving flexibility, range of motion, and overall physical health.

Overall, sports massage can be a valuable tool for athletes and individuals who engage in regular physical activity, helping them to improve their performance, prevent injury, and promote overall health and wellbeing

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What causes back pain?

Back pain can have several causes, some of the most common causes include:

  1. Muscle or ligament strain: Overstretching or tearing of muscles or ligaments can lead to pain in the back.

  2. Poor posture: Sitting or standing in a poor posture for prolonged periods of time can put strain on the back muscles and lead to pain.

  3. Herniated disc: When the soft tissue between the spinal bones (disc) ruptures, it can put pressure on the spinal cord or nerves, resulting in back pain.

  4. Arthritis: Inflammation of the joints can cause pain and stiffness in the back.

  5. Osteoporosis: A condition that causes the bones to become weak and brittle, which can lead to compression fractures of the spine and back pain.

  6. Spinal stenosis: A narrowing of the spinal canal that can put pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, causing pain in the back.

  7. Trauma or injury: Falls, accidents or sports injuries can cause back pain.

  8. Lifestyle factors: Lack of exercise, being overweight, and smoking can also contribute to back pain.

It's important to see a healthcare provider if you experience persistent or severe back pain to determine the underlying cause and receive appropriate treatment.

"I highly recommend this service. Appointment times are varied & good to work around. I really noticed the benefits & the exercises given really helped with my rehabilitation with an old hip injury. Thank you so much." ​ Olivia - Sports rehab client"

Olivia  - Sports massage client

" "I would highly recommend Alex. I went to see her as I had hurt my lower back. Not only did she work out why it was hurting she stopped it hurting with her brilliant sports massages and advised me on what I needed to do to prevent it from happening again. I cannot thank her enough! Amazing results · Last-minute appointments" "

- Kylie 

" Alex is very detailed in her appraisal of your injury or issue and completes a thorough rehab session, providing after-care advice. If an old injury or back pain is troubling you, it is great value for money and definitely worth a try. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Richard- Sports massage & rehab client

" Alex has been an absolute lifesaver. Since lockdown and working from home, I’ve really suffered with neck and shoulder problems which had really started to negatively impact my life with the constant pain and discomfort. Alex’s targeted sports massage on the problem areas has given me much needed relief and I’m no longer in the position of having to take painkillers every day. Her knowledge and expertise are second to none."


- Pamela

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What can I expect from my first treatment?

Your first treatment will consist of an initial assessment, this will involve a short discussion about your health background, your lifestyle and where any pain points are located. Sports massages are different to a regular massage as the treatment tends to focus on a particular area with the use of manipulation to release any tension felt in the muscle group.

If you want to a book a sports massage or you would like to learn more about what sports massage can do for you, then please get in contact with us today either by using the form below or contacting us on 01442 959 132

How can I book a sports massage?

Sports massage appointments can be booked online or by calling us on 01442 959 132

Getting to the clinic

Our clinic is conveniently located in Berkhamsted town centre, a 2 minute walk from the train station and only 10 minutes in the car from Tring. If you're travelling by car then there is plenty of free on-site parking.

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