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Personal Training in Potten End

Effective Personal Training in Potten End, Hemel & the surrounding area.

AS Sports Therapy: Personal Training offers one-to-one bespoke Personal Training in Potten End. Serving clients in Potten End, and the surrounding areas.


If you're looking to reach your fitness and health goals in the open outdoors or in the comfort of your own home, as well as receive ongoing support and guidance then AS Sports Therapy: Personal Training may be the right fit for you.

Personal Training

How can a Personal trainer help me?

  • General health and fitness

  • Weight lose

  • Muscle building & core strength

  • Posture & back care

  • Post-op recovery

  • Training plans specific to your sport

AS Sports Therapy: Personal Training

with Alexandra Sardinha. 

As well as being a Personal Trainer I'm a qualified Sports Therapist. I've worked with clients of various backgrounds and abilities, including rugby players, marathon runners and casual sports enthusiasts. I've also worked with many clients who've wanted to make a change to their normal routine and realise again their enthusiasm for health and fitness. 

I have a passion for helping others and reaching their fitness and health potential. With each client, I use a personal approach and tailor each session to my clients needs.

Personal Training

What to expect from a Personal Training session:

  • Tailored one-to-one personal training

  • Training in a safe, comfortable environment

  • Fun and challenging personal training sessions

  • Access to a wide range of equipment that can be used in any location, whether the local park, lounge or your garden.

  • Ongoing support and aftercare

  • Nutritional advice that compliments your fitness routine 

Many people either don't find the time to exercise due to their schedule, or they just don't find any interest in doing so because they don't find it fun!  

After all, being a gym week in week out can get tiresome. 

I can come to your home, office, or to the local park within Potten End or the surrounding area, with all the equipment you need for each personal training session, so you can easily fit your personal training session into your busy schedule. 

Personal Training in Potten End- If you would like to enquire about Personal Training then please use the form below or call 01442 959132.

Personal Training sessions can either be organised outdoors or in the comfort of your own home.

Choose the personal approach with Personal Training

Maybe you're looking to get fit, train for a specific sporting event, or you just want to get motivated again and reach your fitness goals. You might be new exercise and want to seek guidance and support. Whatever your aspirations, AS Sports Therapy: Personal Training will provide you with all the support and motivation you need so you can live a healthier and happier life

Build your confidence with a personal trainer

Not only will a personal trainer help you transform your body, but they will help improve your confidence and your mindset, leading to a boost in self-esteem, energy and wellbeing.

If you're interesting enquiring about personal training, then please do get in contact. You can either use the contact form below, drop an email or call Alex on 074521 310701

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About AS Sports Therapy: Personal Training

I'm passionate about helping others succeed in 

reaching their fitness and health goals and aspirations. 

As well as being a Personal Trainer I'm also a Sports Therapist

and have worked with various clients of all different backgrounds, 

helping them with rehabilitation, training plans, nutritional advice

and their general health and fitness.

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